Free proxy list

Unlike a VPN (virtual private network), a proxy allows you to hide your IP address, but without encrypting the traffic. When you surf the Internet, some sites may locate you through your IP address provided by your Internet access provider. The table below lists a wide variety of proxy IP addresses. These proxies are updated regularly and some are more or less fast. It is advisable to use proxies with a low response time. You will also notice that you can choose proxies according to their country. However, it is advisable to use a VPN to be able to surf the internet in a 100% anonymous way. Sometimes, some proxies keep your IP address in a database and possibly resell it to third parties. That's why VPNs are safer, more reliable and above all faster. Often when connecting to a proxy, the connection speed is slowed down. With a VPN, this is not the case, or at least your connection will always be faster than a simple proxy. To learn more about VPNs, click here.


List of free proxy


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